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My Favorite Software - Sergei Akhmatdinov

My Favorite Software

This is a collection of software that I like a lot and use on a daily basis.

This page will likely keep growing as I remember more things to add. Please contact me if you want some other suggestions or if you have suggestions for me, I welcome it all!

Operating Systems

I’m a huge fan of BSD and BSD-like operating systems, so I used to support ArchLinux. Then it was switched to systemd and the BSD-like roots were entirely abandoned. For an Arch-like experience free of systemd, check out Artix Linux.

Here is what I actively use now:

Honorable mentions:

Window Managers

Text Editors

Terminal Emulators

Web Browsers

For the most part, every single browser that supports the horror that is the modern web sucks. GNU IceCat sucks the least, as it is mostly resistant to things like fingerprinting and doesn’t phone home. It still sucks, however.

Mail Clients

File Managers

Never really needed one. I do most of my file management with coreutils out of the terminal. However, when I do use one, it’s usually PCManFM on my Window Maker machines. I’ve tried SpaceFM, but it wasn’t as touchscreen-friendly.

Image Viewers

Document Readers

Music Players



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